Friday, February 12, 2010

"Relational Theonomy: The Missing Element of Christian Reconstruction?" (Brian M. Abshire)

Consistent Reconstructionists not only
apply God's law to civil government,
but to all areas of life--including
"Perhaps there is a missing component in Christian Reconstructionism. A component so fundamental and essential that Christian Reconstructionism can never hope to gain the allegiance of any but a dedicated few without it. A component vital, because in all the discourse regarding God's law, some of His most basic laws are frequently, consistently, and defiantly broken. Furthermore, when some proponents of Christian Reconstructionism are admonished, warned and corrected they often turn with sheer viciousness on those who dare to confront them."...

"Are we so busy discussing what our grandchildren might be able to do, that we neglect what we are required to do right now? In other words, if Christian Reconstructionists cannot make the law work in personal relationships, how can they ever expect God in His sovereignty to allow them to try it in the social, economic and political spheres? We sometimes seem to forget that the road to dominion begins with personal transformation."

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NOTE: for more on "relational theonomy," we recommend the works of Jay E. Adams, including his courses on biblical counseling.

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