Theonomy means “God’s law.”  Professing theonomists are most known for advocating God’s law in the sphere of civil government. 

Theonomy Resources exists to equip the church with material for applying God’s law to every area of life.  Jesus is Lord over all, and as such, His law applies to all of life’s spheres. 

While this site’s main focus is on biblical civil law (among the most neglected areas of God’s law today), we also promote material applying biblical law to such spheres as worship, family, and relationships.  

We also believe in the importance of the Gospel. As such, our site also upholds the Gospel and defends it against theologies that teach salvation by works, including the Federal Vision, a heresy advocated by some professing theonomists.  

While God’s law is the Christian’s standard of obedience, law-keeping does not play any role in conversion.  Man can only be saved through faith in Christ alone; however, after one has truly come to saving faith, he will naturally live in obedience to the law (albeit imperfectly).  A good tree bears good fruit (Matt. 7:17).  Thus true Christians hunger to learn about and obey God’s law. 

It is time for reformation.  The American church is largely apostate, rejecting both the Gospel and the law.  Lord willing, this site will be a means to glorify God and to plant seeds for another reformation.  Soli Deo Gloria.

About the site’s manager: 

Steve C. Halbrook is the author of God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws. He has given much study to the topic of biblical worldview and biblical civil government. His theology is Reformed.

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"The typical 21st century American Christian is content to 'edit' God's Word with his common sense, logic, and pragmatism so that it conforms to his presuppositions of how he imagines he should live. In doing so he is unintentionally dishonoring God's perfect counsel on how he should live, work, play, raise his children, self-govern himself and worship God.

"Theonomy Resources provides a much needed antidote to this by pointing out that Christianity is not merely the best system of beliefs, but is the best way to live. 'To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.' (Isaiah 8.20)"

Buddy Hanson
Grace and Law Christian Worldview Resource Center