Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Future of Christendom 2018 Audio - Breakout Sessions

Listen to the main sessions here

Christian Education - The Antidote to Humanism
(Godfrey Kyazze)

Educating the Magistrate - The Fallacy of Neutrality
(Matthew Trewhella)

Educational Principles - Their Origin in Scriptures
(Phillip Kayser)

Biblical Inerrancy - Foundation of Education
(John Eidsmoe)

Humanistic Education - The Destroyer of Nations
(Charl Van Wyk)

Providential Christian History - A Look at Modern Textbooks
(Peter Hammond)

Social Responsibility: Thankfulness & Belief vs. Ingratitude & Unbelief
(Joel Saint)

Women's Coffee Talk
(Beth Bingaman)

Future of Christendom 2018 Audio - Main Sessions

Listen to the breakout sessions here

1st Main Session: Kingdom Education in the Past-The Shortcomings
(Paul Michael Raymond)

2nd Main Session: Kingdom Education in the Present-The Need
(Martin Selbrede)

3rd Main Session: Kingdom Education in the Future-The Vision
(Martin Selbrede)

4th Main Session: Kingdom Education in Action-The Future
(Paul Michael Raymond)

Resources on Immigration from a Biblical Perspective

Given the renewed debate on immigration, here are some resources that attempt to address the matter from a biblical perspective:

Why Building a Border Wall is a Morally Good Action by Wayne Grudem (note: we do not endorse Grudem's view of eternal subordination within the Trinity)

Bordered Liberty: The Immigration Policy of the Pilgrims and Puritans by Steve C. Halbrook (this is more so from a historical perspective, but includes some applications of biblical principles)

Biblical Law and Immigration by John Weaver (sermon) (part 1, part 2)



Biblical Slavery vs. Roman & American Slavery (Matt Trewhella)