Friday, February 12, 2010

An Important Message for Theonomists Regarding the Federal Vision

Federal Vision proponents (or anyone else who perverts the Gospel) should never be tolerated in theonomic circles, regardless of how valuable (because of their speaking and/or writing abilities) they seem to the theonomic cause. The following statements from Brian Abshire applies:

"One of the dearest, gentlest, humblest and most gracious pastor I have ever known (within the limits of his truncated theology) is an extraordinary model of a loving shepherd who nurtures and cares for his flock. But he is dead stupid when it comes to discerning wolves in the fold.

"Repeatedly he has recruited certain types of men, given them authority and responsibility in his church, only to see them split the church with factious behavior. This one blind spot has haunted his ministry for years. Yet, is the same behavior not unknown in Christian Reconstructionist circles? How many wolves have we let in because we were impressed by their academic skills and ignored their character?"

From "Relational Theonomy: The Missing Element of Christian Reconstruction?"

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