Monday, January 23, 2017

Christian Reconstruction (Pastors Brian Schwertley and Ray Joseph)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading Theonomy Resources. I have a question though. Why haven't any protestant churches looked into setting up a church governing body along the lines of the Mormon church? They have a church state within the actual state. Their church has all sorts of industries and social constructions available to their members which are not available in protestant churches. And, if anyone one wants to be a member of that church they are required to do work and give 10% of their money to the church. They also have many benefits to go along with being a church member that I don't see in Protestant Churches. And they stick together. They try to live in the same neighborhoods so their children can easily play together and the parents can help each other out. America used to be a Protestant nation but those days are long gone. I think many people would like a church to be more functional for them, in a material way along with the spiritual. That would be an attraction.