Friday, January 20, 2017

Brian Schwertley's Critique of Joel McDurmon's "Cherem Principle" in "The Bounds of Love"

According to Joel McDurmon's Cherem Principle (in his book "The Bounds of Love"), civil penalties for violations of the First Table of the Law should no longer be enforced, as well as the death penalty for sodomy, adultery, and bestiality. Below is a sermon series by Brian Schwertley critiquing this titled "The Cherem Principle Refuted."


Matt Doyle said...

One of the best critiques of Joel McDurmon's abandonment of theonomy that I have heard. Make no mistake about it, McDurmon is no longer a theonomist no matter what he may claim. Schwertley decimates McDurmon's shoddy scholarship and eisegesis. Of Gary DeMar, the former head of American Vision, he said this in total exasperation:

"Who was the head of American Vision before McDurmon? Gary DeMar. What's Gary DeMar doing? Did he read this book? I mean, I have all kinds of tapes with Gary DeMar doing debates with people. The guy is a sharp guy. He's a great writer, he's a sharp guy and his exegesis is excellent. He's one of the greatest experts on eschatology. I mean, did he read this stuff? He approves of this?"

Steve C. Halbrook said...

I am curious where Gary DeMar stands on this.