Monday, July 15, 2013

Vladimir Putin on Russia's Ban of Gay Propaganda and Gay Adoptions

Vladimir Putin on Russia's law prohibiting gay propaganda:
“Some countries ... think that there is no need to protect children from this. We do. We are not going to interfere. But we are going to provide such protection the way that State Duma lawmakers have decided.”[1]  

Vladimir Putin on whether gays from other countries should be able to adopt Russian children:
"We need to react to what is going on around us. We respect our partners but ask (that they) respect the cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral norms of Russia."[2] 

In addition, Elena Mizulina, one of the authors of Russia's bill to prevent gays from other countries from adopting Russian children, said:
“The West will first run this social experiment on children at home, and Russia won’t be involved.”[3] 

[1] Putin at a 6/13 Finland press conference
[2] Putin, quoted by Russian news agencies
[3] Cited in Russia Beyond the Headlines, "State Duma moves to ban adoption by homosexuals abroad," retrieved 7/15/2013.

photo credit: 
Vladimir Putin
© / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 3.0)


Veritasdomain said...

Something is wrong when Putin is more right on than our current leaders...

Anonymous said...

I agree! I respect Putin for this. I just can't tell if it is genuine or if it is something else.