Friday, November 2, 2012

Thomas Sowell on the Possibility of Race Riots if Obama Loses the Election

Note: While Sowell doesn't seem to see the dangers of a Romney presidency (although he rightfully condemns the Obama presidency), he provides insightful commentary on the possibility of race riots if Barack Obama loses the election.



Arctic Patriot said...

He does seem to put a lot of unwarranted faith in Romney and the GOP. There is no evidence to suggest anything will change other than a few names, should Romney be elected.

The fear-mongering over Iran is really tired, as well.

Who really thinks Iran is going to attack the US with nukes? Even if they have them, there is no way Iran's real rulers are going to kick of a nuclear war with a nation (the US) that possesses literally 5,000 more nukes.

There is no substantial difference that I can see between these two men, if their actions -not words- are the standard to judge by.

Race-as-politics is a very dangerous game that Americans have played for far too long. Race riots would be a logical manifestation of the consequences.


Steve C. Halbrook said...

Agreed about your concern about race riots. And, I myself fail to see a threat from Iran, given that producing a handful of nukes is entirely different than having an assembly line of nukes.