Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Presidential Candidates should be Briefed (Geoffrey Botkin)

excerpt from Geoffrey Botkin's article, Are We Electing a Pastor-in-Chief?

Mr. Candidate, when you become president, you do not attain a greater authority than that of Jesus Christ. You will answer to God for your personal attitude toward his commandments, for every word you speak, and every decision you make (Matt. 12: 35-37).

Mr. Candidate, God warns presidents to respect, fear, and honor God in their office, or else both they and the entire nation will suffer for their impertinence (Ps. 2:1-12).

Presidents are commanded to govern according to what is written in Scripture as their only source of justice (Prov. 8:15-16).

Mr. Candidate, one duty presidents owe the people is to know God’s word, which is theology. Presidents cannot make up their own creative theology, ethics or morality. This is why kings were required to study, and write down the written law as the higher law, because it is binding on them and they are to make it binding on everyone else. Presidents must be thoroughly acquainted with real theology (Dt. 17:18-19).

Presidents cannot default to their own reason to invent alternatives to justice, like fairness or revenge (Dt. 32:35-36).

Presidents are commanded to rule on behalf of the Lord in every decision they make (2 Chron. 19:6-7).

Presidents are warned not to sign any legislation that would deprive biblical justice from anyone (Is. 10:1-2).

Presidents must construct all policy positions on a foundation of reality: God is the higher judge, the higher lawgiver, the higher king, and the higher savior (Isa. 33:22).

Presidents are warned to make Scripture their policy. They are also reminded that personnel is policy. Presidents are forbidden to make any presidential appointment that would pervert justice (Dt. 16:18-20).

Presidents must make every decision based on their deep, abiding respect for the revealed Word of God (2 Sam. 23:3).

Presidents are commanded to announce the whole counsel of God to their people and model obedience to it (Matt. 18:18-20).

They are commanded to announce the wisdom of this law to other nations (Dt. 4:5-9).

Presidents are to represent God as his servants, in all humility (Rom. 13:6).


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