Friday, September 14, 2012

Reasons to not Support Mitt Romney: Number 2: Mormonism worse than Abortion

by Steve C. Halbrook
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2. Supporting Mitt Romney in the name of fighting abortion overlooks the fact that Mormonism is worse than abortion.

Many may support Mitt Romney because they have reason to believe that he can make a positive difference in the fight against legalized abortion (however imperfect his opposition to abortion might be). While we question if Romney would do more good than harm in matters of abortion, even if, for argument’s sake, he could make a positive difference, such a view fails to grasp the big picture.
As horrendous as abortion is, Romney’s Mormonism is much more horrendous. Mormonism is rank idolatry, and idolatry is a greater sin than abortion. 

This is because while abortion is a violation of the 2nd table of the law (commandments 5-10 of the 10 Commandments), idolatry is a violation of the 1st table of the law (commandments 1-4 of the 10 Commandments). (Specifically, idolatry is a violation of the 1st commandment [“You shall have no other gods before me," Exodus 20:3], while abortion is a violation of the 6th commandment [“You shall not murder," Exodus 20:13].)       

While the 2nd table of the law is summarized as the command to love one’s neighbor as oneself (Matthew 22:39), the 1st table of the law is summarized as the command to love God with all one's heart, soul, and mind – the greatest commandent (Matthew 22:36 - 38). It logically follows then that violating the greatest commandment is the greater offense. Hence, idolatry is worse than abortion.

If then Christian voters are interested in combating evil on a societal level, then it is self-defeating to vote for such a promoter of idolatry as Mitt Romney.

Indeed, is not idolatry foundational to all sin? In the Garden of Eden, idolatry was the Satanic temptation that lead to the Fall (namely, the temptation to “be like God” [Genesis 3:5]). (This Satanic temptation is foundational to Mormonism, as Mormons believe they will literally become gods someday.) 

In Romans 1, we see the progression from idolatry to all other kinds of sins – including the sin of murder, which entails the sin of abortion itself. Idolatry undermines the fear of God, and undermining the fear of God destroys the foundation for loving one's neighbor – including one's neighbor in the womb.

Thus from a societal standpoint, one would think that stamping out idolatry in its outward manifestation would be among a civil ruler’s highest priorities. And in fact this was exactly the view of the godly kings of Judah (who are examples for righteous rulers) not to mention Protestant rulers during the Reformation.

But Romney, instead of wanting to purge the land of the outward manifestation of the root of evil (namely, idolatry), wants to instead propagate it via Mormonism. And as we showed in our previous post, Romney appears to already be legitimizing and popularizing Mormonism on an unprecedented scale. 

This is not a formula for national reform, but a recipe for national destruction. Public idolatry is opposed to a biblical social order (cf. Deuteronomy 13); it is a snare (Exodus 34:11-16; Psalm 106:36). Remember the Romans 1 progression: idolatry leads to the moral burning out of man, and on a societal level, the moral burning out of society. This, again, entails the sin of abortion, and so supporting Romney is support for idolatry, which in turn is support for abortion. 

We realize the unfortunate reality that many professing Christians will probably still support Romney, despite his Mormonism and propagation of it. This is symptomatic of the aversion to the 1st table of the law in our times. Vincent Cheung writes about many professing Christians who
are horrified by accounts of serial murder and child molestation, but relatively nonchalant when it comes to non-Christian religions and philosophies. They are greatly distressed over acts of racism and fraud, and some even weep over deaths caused by diseases and accidents as reported by the news, but they display no such reaction when someone introduces himself as a Mormon, when someone announces that she will marry a Muslim, or when someone uses the name of God with irreverence. Their morality is man-centered instead of God-centered, but biblical morality is centered on God, with right worship toward God as the foundation and prerequisite for right treatment toward man. Of course, many people care for neither God nor man.[1]
Not only does Mormonism promote idolatry, and is thus a pagan religion, but it is worse than the typical pagan religion. Why? Because Mormonism pretends to be Christian. Remember the warning in Scripture:
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." (Matthew 7:15)
One of Mormonism's goals is to infiltrate the Christian community and lead souls astray with its false gospel that leads people to hell. And since everlasting torment of body and soul in hell is worse than the temporary death of the body that results from murder (such as in abortion), then false gospels are worse than abortion; spiritual murder is worse than physical murder. Thus from this standpoint as well, Mormonism is worse than abortion. 

Just imagine the sales-pitch Mormon missionaries can use to infiltrate and gain credibility with households if Romney is elected: "Greetings – we'd like to tell you about our religion, which is the same as the president of the United States!"

And so Christians who support Romney must think very carefully about the ramifications of their support. It is unavoidable that support for Romney is also support for the propagation of idolatry and a false gospel. The trajectory: national suicide and eternal hellfire; the abortion of society and soul. 

For the basic beliefs of Mormonism, see Mormonism 101 by Kevin DeYoung


[1] Vincent Cheung, Presuppositional Confrontations (Boston, MA: Vincent Cheung, 2010), 17.


Christianna Hellwig said...

But we do not necessarily support Romney because we are trying to fight abortion. It basically comes down to the fact that if we are going to have either Obama or Romney for president, Which one would you rather have? Personally I would rather have a Mormon than a Muslim. Yes I know that Mormonism is wicked but its a Choice between Islam or Mormonism. One has already been president and has proved himself unworthy, do we want him again? Romney at least has not been tried, and God can use even a sinful man for his own plans.

reformedcovenanter said...

I think you have missed the point of Steve's argument. He is saying that opposing abortion cannot be used as a pretext for supporting Mitt Romney. Whether you are supporting Mr Romney for that reason or not is immaterial.

From the pseudo-religious right in America I keep hearing two things: Obama is a Muslim, and Obama is a Marxist.

However, there is a serious problem with this: it is logically impossible to be both. So which is it?

If President Obama is to be rejected because he is a Muslim, then how much more must Mitt Romney be rejected because he is a Mormon. Mormonism is far more dangerous precisely because it pretends to be Christian, when, in reality, it is a pagan cult.

Angela Wittman said...

I appreciate Steve pointing this out to us as I am adamantly 100% pro-life, but just can't vote for someone who is so devout in their false religion. As far as Pres. Obama, he claims to be Christian - I don't think he is Muslim - and I am familiar with the apostate denomination he belonged to before becoming president. I suggest voters take a look at 3rd party candidates.

Christianna Hellwig said...

I understand your point, and I want you to know that I do not think that Mormonism is any better than Islam, and I was wrong in immediately thinking that because he said that opposing abortion can be used as a reason for supporting Romney, It automatically is a reason for supporting Romney.
What I do want to fight against is the idea that because neither of these men are qualified,Christians should not vote at all.( Correct me if I am misrepresenting what he said) I think that because Romney at least has has something left of God's law in him, more so than Obama, that we should try to make sure that he gets in rather than Obama. I think that even though he is Mormon, he might be able to do more good for our country than Obama will. Not to say that he necessarily is Going to do any good, but I think he might do more good than Obama. I know I said that I would rather have a Mormon than a Muslim for president and perhaps I didn't say that right. Perhaps I should have said, I would rather have Romney as our president than Obama.

Greg Newell said...

Romney has been tried in Mass. as gov. His record was atrocious. He openned pandora's box to same sex marriage & transgenderism. He supported abortion & his effect on the economy was not very good either. Her'es a link that will explain it very well.

Christianna Hellwig said...

Mr. Newell, I know that Romney is not very good and I saw from that article that he is pro abortion and sodomy. However, so is Obama. Which one then should we vote for? Dowe really want Obama again?

Greg Newell said...

Hi Christianna! I appreciate your struggle. Why vote for either one ? We are not to be unevenly yoked with idolaters 2 Cor 6:14. The Repub Party controlled all 3 branches of the Fed Gov't from 2000-20006. Spending/Debt,abortion,homosexuality,&Islam continued & increased in most of these areas. George Bush was supposed to be a Christian. I was told to vote for Schwartznegger over Bustimante by the evangelical pragmatists. He helped bankrupt the state,signed Gay History Bills that forced our kids in the public schools to have to be taught. He passed other forms of perversion legislation,also. The same Evangelical who told me to vote for Arnold is now telling me to vote for Romney! Thankfully, I didn't vote for Arnold & I won't for either of these.

If America goes down like Israel into Babylon, What became an instrument of Judgement became an instrument of Mercy. Israel got Restored back to Jerusalem & Daniel& his friends with Mortecai & Esther & others, were very influencial in the government & land,leaving a real testimony of the Living God!

My Hope is in Christ not the Republican Party. Maybe the church will repent after this election & work to get Godly Candidates elected. Perhaps God will be pleased & show his Power like never before, like in Babylon!

Christianna Hellwig said...

But don't you think that by not voting we are essentially supporting the one who has the majority? As Christians we are not to let unbelievers rule the voting booths are we? It would be absolutely wonderful if we had Godly candidates to vote for, but in the mean time are we to sit silently by? I am not trying to get any one to vote against his conscience, and I certainly don't vote for anyone based on whether he is Republican or not, but even though I am two years away from being old enough to vote, I feel that it not only wastes a vote not to vote but that we are also shirking our responsibility as citizens of the United states by not voting. You may not feel this way and you certainly don't have to,but I am personally convicted that "not voting" is really the right way to go.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

I address the matter of not voting thoroughly here:

Greg Newell said...

A vote for Romney is still a vote for the ungodly,anyway. Write in a Candidate who is godly. If it is unamreican not to vote,then i'd rather be unamerican than Unbiblical. I believe we will give an account to the Lord for whether we supported unbelievers or qualified Godly candidates. Would you vote in an unbeliever as a Pastor. The Magistrate is also God,s minister. Rom.13:4. As an unbelieving Pastor is not God's Minister neither is an unbelieving Magistrate (Pres.,Gov.etc) God's Minister.

Christianna Hellwig said...

Mr. Halbrook, I see your point and I don't want to be disrespectful in any way, but I would say that we just can't wait for the qualified candidate to come along. If there were a man that was a christian and was qualified ruler then I would vote for him without a glance at Romney. But I don't think that if there isn't one out there we just shouldn't vote. I think we have a responsibility before God to vote as best we can whether we like the candidate or not. I was surprised that you would speak so strongly against Ron Paul for though he is certainly not the best, he is a large step in the right direction, larger than any we have taken in the past twenty years. But the Holy Spirit is leading all of us who are truly God's and convicts us each of different things as He sees fit, and I trust that He is leading you in the way He knows best. As for voting, if you think that way then praise God we have the freedom in this country to speak our convictions. I want you to know that I don't condemn you for not voting though I do have a strong opinion on this subject.

Christianna Hellwig said...

Mr. Newell,
Paul is using the word " minister" in a very different way in that verse, I would argue that that is precisely the point. We are not voting for a pastor. We are voting for a ruler, and even the president's power is limited. Shepherding the church of Christ is very different from head of the country. I actually think that a Pastor has far more responsibility and accountability than a civil magistrate ever had and is far more important. But I believe that we have to answer to God for not voting just as much as voting, and I hate to make this link, but it reminds me of the parable that Jesus told of the Lord and his three servants and their talents. It seems to me that by not voting we are saying to God, "I was afraid of you because you are an exacting God and so I buried my vote in the ground because I was afraid I might do the wrong thing with it and have nothing to show for it in the end". Instead of the others who used theirs and did the best they could and one came out with a lot and one with only a little, but it was more than he started with in the beginning. I might be wrong in making this comparison but that seems to be what you are saying yes a vote for Romney is still a vote for the ungodly but I do believe he is slightly better than Obama. A little bit is better than nothing and the all or nothing approach is not necessarily the right one.

Greg Newell said...

We agree to disagree! But it's been an interesting conversation. The outcome of this election will be telling! If that's your conviction & you seem very firm, Then i've said all I can on the subject. Blessings!