Monday, June 18, 2012

Quotable Theonomy: Orthodox Churches believe Rulers must Defend both Tables of the Law (George Gillespie)

"The orthodox churches believe also, and do willingly acknowledge, that every lawful magistrate, being by God himself constituted the keeper and defender of both tables of the law, may and ought first and chiefly to take care of God's glory, and (according to his place, or in his manner and way), to preserve religion when pure, and restore it when decayed and corrupted: and also to provide a learned and godly ministry, schools also and synods, as likewise to restrain and punish as well atheists, blasphemers, heretics and schismatics, as the violators of justice and public peace."

George Gillespie, One Hundred and Eleven Propositions Concerning the Ministry and Government of the Church (Edinburgh: A. W. Murray, 1844. Originally printed in 1642), proposition 41. 


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