Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geoff Botkin interview on Nation Building in South Sudan (Kevin Swanson)

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Durandal said...

Thanks for sharing this audio.

I watched the documentry "Faith Under Fire in Sudan". I learned, among other things, that the UN prohibited missionnary Peter Hammond to import Bibles in Sudan, and that the "humanitarian" aid that the UN sends to the victims of North Sudan's ethnic cleansing entreprise is actually reenforcing Khartoum's regime, because they (the Northern Muslims) controll all of the aid that the UN drops to the refuugee camps (it was true in the '90, and it probably is still true for the provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile).

As for the Africaner calvinists in South Africa, they legitimately wanted to ensure their continuity in a state they were *initially* the most fitted to lead. I find it amazing that they had built a modern society with all of civilization's infrastructure only two generations after beeing genocided in concentration camps by the British Empire.

If Nelson Mandela had not done all his shit with the marxist & terrorist ANC, there would be ten independent and thriving Black parliamentary republics encompassing about fifty percent of the arable land in South Africa.

Now half of the Africaners have fled away or have been assassinated by some primitive Black mobs, their is a rape every ten seconds, and overall the country is as failed as Zimbabwe.

Obviously, the Africaners were unfair to give civic rights to the Black only in their Homelands since so many of them were working and living inside the White part of the contry. (Whites didn't have voting rights in the Black territories, but only few of them lived there.) The Africaner government tried to fix this problem by enlarging the frontiers of the Black Homelands but the Blacks' tribal chaos halted this initiative. We know the rest of the story. Hopefully the same painfull mistakes will not be made in South Sudan.