Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Battle for Civilization" Site has been Updated

Geoffrey Botkin's Battle for Civilization project site has been revamped, and can be accessed here.

This looks like it could turn out to be an excellent documentary series; kind of a biblical patriarchy/Christian Reconstructionist version of Francis Schaeffer's How Should We Then Live? From the About page: 

"The Battle for Civilization is a documentary series that will cover 3000 years of cultural ups and downs. You’ll discover why the timeless foundations of civil society have been forgotten or covered up. You will learn how simple it is to understand the theological complexities of culture, and how necessary it is to rediscover the courage and the wisdom that made civilization a reality in places that have since lost it.

"This series can inspire American men to courage in ways they never have had when they see how average men rose up with maturity and responsibility to defy tyrants, terrorists, pirates, false prophets, and armies of petty bureaucrats.

"At its heart, The Battle for Civilization is a documentary series on the Great Commission. Christians have misplaced the simple understanding of Christ’s command to make disciples of nations: all nations. The simple duties that start in their families are supposed to then extend to their communities and beyond. For, under Christ’s parting command, it is the responsibility of every Christian to be a nation-builder.

"This documentary episode, The Rise and Fall of Nations, will explain the biblical origin of nations, and reveal the role of religion in every culture of history, including today’s militantly secular faith, at war with the last remnants of Christianity. The film documents the powerful influence of a Christian worldview in building the most developed nations, and shows why development is not possible without the framework of a biblical system of law, justice, economy, family, and education.

"Most of all, The Rise and Fall of Nations will explore one unlikely place where civilization is making a remarkable comeback. South Sudanese Christians are leading the way, and the West can learn from their simple faith and determination."

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A video preview from the older version of the Battle for Civilization site 


Durandal said...

On his website, Geoffrey Botkin affirms that "Christianity means civilization, and true civilization means Christianity." That may seem daring for some readers, but it must be reminded that the oldest recorded usage of the word "civilization" appears in the Traité de la population written in 1756 by the Marquis Victor Riqueti de Mirabeau who explicitely equated Christianity with Civilisation...

« À bon droit les Ministres de la Religion ont-ils le premier rang dans une société bien ordonnée. La religion est sans contredit le premier et le plus utile frein de l'humanité ; c'est le premier ressort de la civilisation : elle nous prêche et nous rappelle sans cesse la confraternité, elle adoucit notre cœur, élève notre esprit, flatte et dirige notre imagination en étendant le champ des récompenses et des avantages dans un territoire sans bornes, et nous intéresse à la fortune d'autrui en ce genre, tandis que nous l'envions presque partout ailleurs. »

Durandal said...

Poll results on religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. The following question was asked to samples of Christians : Do you favor or oppose making the Bible the law of the land in your country ? Those in favor...

Botswana : 69 %
Big Congo : 52 %
Ethiopia : 55 %
Kenya : 57 %
Mozambique : 63 %
Nigeria : 70 %
Rwanda : 42 %
South Africa : 66 %
Uganda : 64 %
Zambia : 77 %