Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul versus Biblical Civil Government

Note: while this video does a good job showing Ron Paul's unbiblical view of civil government, we do not endorse Rick Santorum, whom this video is favorable of. Santorum's Roman Catholicism alone is enough to disqualify him from being biblically qualified.



Anonymous said...

So which candidate should we vote for? The Mormon,one of the Roman Catholics,or the Muslim?

Anonymous said...

"Santorum's Roman Catholicism alone is enough to disqualify him from being biblically qualified." Not that I am the most open armed guy, but this statement seems pretty segregationist. Do we really have time to be this divisive? Will the country survive while the faithful and moral battle it out amongst each other. Get it together people, or we will all perish divided.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

Regarding the allegation of divisiveness, division is inescapable. To unite with one group is to divide with another.

Those who claim not to be divisive are divisive against those who they consider divisive; professing inclusivists exclude exclusivists.

Jesus is divisive: He said, "Whoever is not with me is against me" (Matthew 12:30a). The question then is not whether one is divisive, but what one is divisive against. When one ignores ruler qualifications as given in the Bible, one is divisive against the King of kings, Jesus Christ Himself.

Roman Catholicism is a damnable heresy, a false gospel--so why would we want a representative of this false faith in office?

But even if Santorum acknowledged the true faith, he still would have to prove he is qualified in other ways--for instance, he would have to advocate enforcing the first table of the law as it applies to civil government.

ChristsWorldOrder said...

Please see the following on Ron Paul and the Bible: It was recommended to me by the national director of the theonomic Christian Liberty Party. Enjoy and please comment/provide feedback. Thanks!