Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul and Messianic Small Government

Embracing small government while still rejecting Christ's
lordship is every bit as "Messianic" as embracing big
government while rejecting Christ's lordship;
both seek political salvation in princes rather
than in the name of the Lord.

"The zeal of facebook Christians to abandon biblical principles of voting and statecraft in order to justify voting for Ron Paul tells us something: you do not have to believe in "big government" in order to believe in the Messianic State. It is only because men look for societal salvation in small princes, rather than in the name of the Lord, that they cast the law of God behind their backs in order to elect a man who refuses to bow to Christ's royal prerogatives over civil government. Thus the civil government that the Ron Paul voters want would be every bit as "Messianic" as the one that their opponents lust after." --Daniel Ritchie, Facebook, January 4, 2012

[Note: Neither this site nor Daniel Ritchie has anything personal against Ron Paul; it is just that he is not biblically qualified for office. Moreover, while this site believes that many Ron Paul supporters are sincere, their support for Ron Paul does not take enough consideration in biblical ruler qualifications]

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Please see the following on Ron Paul and the Bible: It was recommended to me by the national director of the theonomic Christian Liberty Party. Enjoy and please comment/provide feedback. Thanks!