Friday, January 27, 2012

The Reformation Versus the Enlightenment Being Promoted by the Media

While many in the media praise the Enlightenment, it resulted
in the bloody French Revolution. As Benjamin F. Morris
notes, "its results shocked the civilized world with horror
... their atrocities were committed with a wanton levity and a
brutal merriment; the reign of atheism was avowedly and
expressly the reign of terror."

by Randy Pope

The news media has dubbed the Obama era as the “new Enlightenment”. Just Google how many times the Akron Beacon Journal has referred to President Obama's policies as “enlightened”. This moniker is intended to be complimentary toward the president and his policies. A cursory understanding of the original Enlightenment will reveal two things; one, the label fits, and two, if you love God and freedom, there is nothing complimentary about it.
Most media personalities look upon the Enlightenment with favor because they, along with most Americans, have been taught to believe that the American Revolution of 1776 is a result of Enlightenment thinking. In addition the vast majority of media people do not believe in God. Nothing could be further from the truth on both counts.
The Enlightenment, or what should more accurately be called the Endarkenment, was a system of thinking that attempted to understand the world in terms of human reason alone. Because they denied the existence of God, Enlightenment thinkers defined the world and its institutions by replacing the sovereignty of God with the sovereignty of man. The true result of the Enlightenment was the French Revolution. This short excerpt from a description of the French Revolution by Benjamin F. Morris in “The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States”, which was first published in 1876, is enlightening about the Enlightenment; “The atheism of France in 1795 had engulfed that empire in anarchy and blood. It was the first experiment in the history of the world, of the national reign of infidelity, and its results shocked the civilized world with horror, and demonstrated its terrific nature and evils on civil government and society...their atrocities were committed with a wanton levity and a brutal merriment; the reign of atheism was avowedly and expressly the reign of terror...”
Now you understand why it should rightfully be called the Endarkenment. It was this kind of darkened thinking that led to the American Revolution of the 1960's and is indeed risen to prominence in the Obama era.
This Endarkenment thinking brought us the sexual revolution, the acceptance and legalization of the evils such as abortion, homosexuality, and theft (taking from the citizenry to give to other citizens). The women's revolution for modest dress is a response to the degeneracy spawned by the very thinking that the media is lauding. The women's revolution for modest dress is a return to the Biblical principles that reigned during the American Revolution of 1776.
The thinking that inspired the American Revolution of 1776 is the thinking of the Reformers of the 16th century. Because Americans believed and lived by the principles of Biblical Christianity they rejected the influences of the Enlightenment. It is a return to the principles of the reformation that will defeat the Endarkenment that threatens civilization once again. The stakes are too high to ignore the heritage bequeathed not only by the founders of America but by the Reformers. Reject the darkness of humanism and turn to the light of Biblical Christianity.

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