Thursday, January 26, 2012

IF (part two)

By Buddy Hanson

Last week we looked at seven Spiritual Mind Expanding thoughts designed to remind our brothers and sisters in Christ of their commanded duties as a member of God’s family and Christ’s Kingdom. This week we add six more IF’s to share with your friends. Remember to write down any IF’s you think of and send them in. If we have enough to publish in a Part Five, we’ll do so.


We continue to live as though God’s Word doesn’t exist by hiding it “under a basket,” how will our neighbors “see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven?” (Matt. 5.15-17) Do we not have numerous promises from God that He will use our obedience to confound our opponents in His perfect timing? (1 Cor. 1.27) 


We really believe that God created an orderly cause-and-effect creation, then we agree that the only way we, and other Christians across the world, can bring about positive results is to live according to God’s truths, instead of man’s lies.


Our pastors don’t begin to systematically instruct us in how to apply the truths of Scripture to our everyday situations and circumstances, how can we expect to demonstrate lifestyles that are distinctively different from that of our non-Christian neighbors? (Romans 12.1-3) And

Our daily goal is not to “bring glory to God in all we do and say” (1 Corinthians 10.31), aren’t we imaging Satan, instead of Christ?


This is the case, are we not testifying that we are merely a well-intentioned, but misguided and pragmatic conservative moralist, instead of a Christian whose life on earth, as well as our eternal existence, is based upon our subjective imaginings of how to live, rather than upon the objective truths on the pages of our Bible? And,

This is the case, why bother to go to church or study the Bible, when for all intents and purposes, we have decided that each of us is, in effect, our own mini-god? (Rom. 1.25-26) 

(Scripture quotes may be paraphrases) 

Buddy Hanson is President of the Grace & Law Resource Center, which helps fellow Christians provide a visual model of what a redemptive world will someday look like by assisting them to re-suppose what they pre-suppose by interpreting the Bible in terms of our present days, instead of according to the last days., 205.454.1442

To send in more IFs, contact Buddy Hanson at If enough are received, Hanson plans to incorporate them into a Part Five.

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