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New Theonomy Book: "God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws"

NOTE: This info is outdated--see our blog entry about the Second Edition here

Theonomy Resources Media has just released God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws: Biblical Theocracy, Justice, and Slavery versus Humanistic Theocracy, "Justice," and Slavery, by Steve C. Halbrook. This 500+ page book is based on his master's thesis through Regent University's government program.
Essentially, the book is theonomic apologetics. It defends the more "controversial" aspects of the Old Testament civil laws against objections by anti-Christian humanists (objections which many professing Christians also unfortunately raise). In addition, it includes appendices defending theonomy biblically and historically, as well as appendices refuting alternative political philosophies. 

God is Just is blessed with contributions from two of the most prolific next-generation theonomic writers, Buddy Hanson and Daniel F. N. Ritchie. 
Hanson (of Grace and Law Resource Center) wrote the forward, and Ritchie (of Reformed Worldview Books) wrote an appendix.

God is Just can be downloaded for free or purchased as a hardcover version at This site has coupon codes for

Free download

Hardcover version (for discounts for the hardcover version, check RetailMeNot)
In addition, Theonomy Resources regularly posts excerpts from this book. Access our archive here

Below is the table of contents and a brief preview.

Forward (by Buddy Hanson) 


Part One: Biblical Theocracy versus
Humanistic Theocracy

Chapter 1: What is Biblical Theocracy?
Chapter 2: Biblical Theocracy is not Ecclesiocracy                         
Chapter 3: Humanistic Church/State Fallacies
Chapter 4: The Neutrality Myth
Chapter 5: The Tyranny of “Neutrality”

Chapter 6: “Neutrality” Condemned by the Bible 
Chapter 7: All Law is Religious                              
Chapter 8: All Law is Theocratic           
Chapter 9: Is Biblical Theocracy “Christian Fascism”?
Chapter 10: Faith and Imposition               
Chapter 11: Only Two Theocratic Choices          

Part Two: Biblical Justice versus
Humanistic "Justice" 

Chapter 12: Authority for Criminal Punishment       
Chapter 13: Eye for Eye                 
Chapter 14: Questioning God’s Justice
Chapter 15: Primitive Humanistic Injustice                
Chapter 16: Purge the Land
Chapter 17: Privacy “Rights”  

Chapter 18: “Controversial” Capital Sanctions: Blasphemy
Chapter 19: “Controversial” Capital Sanctions: Seduction to Idolatry           
Chapter 20: “Controversial” Capital Sanctions: Sabbath-Breaking                  
Chapter 21: “Controversial” Capital Sanctions: Rebellion Against Parents
Chapter 22: “Controversial” Capital Sanctions: Sodomite Acts
Chapter 23: Old Testament Capital Punishment Methods
Chapter 24: The Question of Abuse

Part Three: Biblical Slavery versus
Humanistic Slavery
Chapter 25: Old Testament Slave LawsChapter 26: The Rod and Abuse   
Chapter 27: Humanistic Criticisms of Biblical Slavery                                    
Chapter 28: Slavery Inescapable
Chapter 29: What About Racism?
Chapter 30: Enslavement to God versus Enslavement to the State
Chapter 31: Humanists Seek to Enslave Others
Part Three Epilogue: The One True Liberator 


Appendix A: The Biblical Basis for the Old Testament Civil Code’s Abiding Validity
Appendix B: Answering Objections to Keeping the Old Testament Civil Code Today
Appendix C: What About Natural Law?
Appendix D: Conservatism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and Moderatism
Appendix E: The Christian Right       
Appendix F: Is the Rape of an Unbretrothed Virgin a Capital Offense?
Appendix G: The Bond of Law: A Theonomic Reply to “The Bond of Love” (By Daniel F. N. Ritchie)


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