Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help Support New Geneva's Research Library

In August of this year – God willing – the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy will open its doors to offer its Theological Book Store and Research Library for the community of Appomattox, Virginia and surrounding areas.

The Campus Library will offer a scholarly atmosphere where serious students can relax, study, fellowship, converse, and engage in mind bending research using Geneva’s more than 50,000 resources.

Included among these resources is a comprehensive series of micro fiche documents from the American Puritan and Colonial era of 1600 through the post War era of the 1800’s. With 5 micro fiche viewers located in a private setting these primary resources are invaluable for students, teachers and series researchers alike. Along with a series of specialty courses and lectures for Jr. High, High School and College ages, the library will also offer special membership options, WiFi availability, coffee, snacks and drinks.

Our goal has almost been met for the completion of this project but we need your assistance to finalize some small details.

We are still in need of 25 padded folding chairs for one of our lecture halls. The cost $375 @ $15/chair. These will be used for our youth chorale where instructor Meghan Coviello will be teaching the art, skill and beauty of singing for the Glory of God. 

We also need to complete our Art Studio/Gallery where Jane Raymond will be hosting various classes and community art exhibitions in order to teach what God’s view of art really is. In association with the Bezaleel Art Project art guild, Mrs. Raymond seeks to reignite the concept of God as the Master Artist for all to witness.  At present we need to complete one sheetrock wall which will require spackle and paint. We also need Rubbermaid cabinets for artist supplies, artist easels and a variety of basic supplies. The total of this is approx $600.

The greatest of needs comes by the way of promotion. We must promote this project. This will be done as inexpensively as possible via press releases, magazine write-ups and small newspaper and magazine ads.

Please consider making a donation to the Institute for Theonomic Reformation [ITR] on behalf of the New Geneva as the ITR is the parent nonprofit company of the College and is its sole supporter in this most important work.

Together we can press forth the Crown Rights of Christ, the King, in every area of life.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made via paypal at www.hisglory.us or by check to:  ITR  P.O. Box 778 Appomattox VA 24522

Thank your for your prayers and support.

Rev. Paul Michael Raymond

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