Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When voting in the next election, What’s the Big Deal about God’s Word being True?: Part 3

by Buddy Hanson

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Why do we say we are a Christian, but live as though we are a Practical Atheist?

Practical atheists are those who would never dream of saying, “There is no God,” yet they live and make daily decisions as though He doesn’t exist. If God were to accuse you of being a practical atheist would you have enough evidence to clear yourself of the charge? As creatures, we often attempt to act as if we are the Creator (with the ability to determine results), rather than acting as obedient creatures, resting in the assurance that our Creator will bring about His desired results through our actions.

There is a great temptation to trust in ourselves rather than in the Holy Spirit. We too often are prone to measure our faith by our eyes, imagining the only things that can be accomplished are those that seem practical. But, as Paul said to Agrippa, “Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the dead?” [1] Whether we can imagine it or not does not diminish God’s ability to accomplish His purpose. All we are doing by living according to our limited knowledge is limiting our effectiveness for Him.

Only by following God’s revealed instructions will civil rulers be able to set society’s moral tone. It is the duty of each of us to speak the truth regarding the issues of the day and live the truth as best as God’s grace enables us so that we can provide a role model for anyone who observes our lifestyle. The difference between God’s rules and man’s rules is that God’s rules always work because He makes them work. The certainty about God’s providence helps us to cope with current circumstances, because we know they are just a small part of His overall plan. This is a tremendous advantage over non-Christians who are slaves to current situations, and can only cry out with a frustrated, “Why me?” at such times. As Christians we must incorporate the following seven guidelines into our daily walk:

    • Relate our Biblical knowledge to situations and circumstances.
    • Center our thoughts upon God, not man.
    • Govern our life according to the Word of God.
    • Base our faith only upon God’s Word, not what we may imagine is possible.
    • Teach others to observe “all things God commands us.” Matthew 28.20 
    • Base church government and worship upon the principles in God’s Word.
    • Do what we’ve been commanded to do, and refrain from doing those things God commands against. 
If you are having trouble letting go of the Republican Party, and voting for an Independent candidate that appears from your viewpoint that he is a long shot to win, this is a strong indication that you trust more in your (man’s) ability to bring about desired results than you have in God’s ability to do so. 

In Part Four we’ll discuss how “No one (and no society) can serve two masters (or two sets of ethics).


     [1] Acts 26.8

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