Monday, April 25, 2011

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Every Road Will Take You There

(photo by bri v)

by Buddy Hanson

"No one is quite sure where we are going." All too often we attempt to solve the various issues of the day according to our wisdom, instead of God's wisdom. Even the Marxist legislators we continue to elect at all levels of our civil government don't begin each day with the thought of "How many mistakes can I make today?" In their case, it's understandable that they continue to misguide America because, to use God's description of non-Christians, they are "fools." Fools, not in the sense that they are not intelligent, but that they have no "wisdom." They have no way to know how to get from point A to point B. We, however, don't have that excuse. The Holy Spirit has given us a new spiritual heart and removed the veil that previously covered our reasoning.

You are also concerned with how we can attract people to our way of thinking. But if you would allow me to respectfully suggest, that should not be our primary concern. Our primary concern is getting God on our side (through our obedience), then HE will see to it that we have as many people on our side as needed. If we begin with the goal of attracting like-minded people, we will use man's way of attracting them, and that will fail because God cannot be mocked. So it's not an "us vs. them" thing, whereby we try to get more people on our side than "they" have, it's a "God vs. man" thing. 
Think of it like this: draw a circle and put "Protect Life" inside it. Then draw four lines coming out from each side of the circle, so that it resembles a spider. On those lines write tactics that can be used to accomplish your goal. Before fillling-in your diagram, your "Protect Life" core issue needs a sub-title. Write either "Man's Way," or "God's Way" under Protect Life. Doing this will dramatically effect your tactics. For example, I've listed six possibilities to choose from for both "Man's Way," and "God's Way." As you read through them I'm sure more will come to mind, but the point is that these ways (tactics) are distinctively different. That should come as no surprise since non-Christians hate God and we love Him.

Man's Way:
1. Build consensus; go along/get along.
2. Elect the "lesser of two evil" candidates
3. Take to the streets, threatening anarchy if we don't get our way.
4. We directly bring about the results by our actions.
5.Time is our enemy because if we don't control it, who will?
6. Depend upon central government to "legislate" us out of our problems.

God's Way:
1. Present a daily Christian antithesis to the non-Christian cultural agenda.
2. Overcome evil with good.
3. Use the method of "interposition" whereby, for example, if we have a problem with our mayor, we take our concerns to a city councilman and let him take them to the mayor.
4. God puts our collective obedience together to accomplish His eternally perfect plan for the earth.
5. Time is our friend because God controls it.
6. We live ourselves out of our problems through self-government (see Psalm 2 where God "laughs" at non-Christian civil rulers).

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