Monday, April 25, 2011

Father to Son: Manly Conversations that Can Change Culture (Geoffrey Botkin)

"Each episode tackles an age appropriate discipline of manhood and how it is developed with fathers. Sons learn the disciplines of manhood through hard work. Fathers interpret the world for sons through shared adventures. Sons learn leadership duties through worship. Sons learn to conquer the world by dominion and to hold the ground they take through spiritual battle. Each rich conversation is broken into short study segments, and thorough Bible-study notes are provided as PDFs which can jump-start family or Bible-study discussions. Includes this bonus DVD: How To Talk to Sons About the Hard Things.

"Issues covered:
·           Flirtatious Girls, Moral Purity, and Courtship
·           Confusing Worldviews
·           Enemies and Bullies
·           Personal Discipline and Integrity
·           Pop Culture
·           Higher Education
·           Money, Debt, Investments, and Business
·           True Worship, Church, and Prayer Life
·           And much more

--Vision Forum

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