Friday, January 7, 2011

Petition: Theonomy Parachurch Groups: Condemn the Federal Vision

Petition: Theonomy Parachurch Groups: Condemn the Federal Vision

For those appalled at influential theonomy parachurch organizations tolerating the Federal Vision heresy, there is now an online petition titled "Theonomy Parachurch Groups: Condemn the Federal Vision."

Hopefully, this petition can be a means for driving one or more of these organizations to repentance.  But at the very least, it can be an important tool in warning others by getting the word out about the dangers of the Federal Vision.  This petition is filled with links giving evidence that the Federal Vision is a dangerous heresy.

We encourage Christians to sign it, comment on it, and pass it on to friends. 

In case some of you are friends with members of these organizations: this is why your signature is all the more important. For, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend ..." (Pro. 27:6).

Below are some comments given on the petition:

"Theonomists must outrightly condemn any theological movement which denies or questions the Protestant doctrine of justification. Since the Reformers combined both Calvinistic soteriology with Theonomic ethics, modern Theonomists must denounce as anti-theonomic any attempts to downgrade justification by faith alone. 

"Consequently, groups such as Chalcedon, American Vision, and Vision Forum must condemn the Federal Vision as heretical. Failure to do so is sin, as others could be led astray by their passive toleration of such dogmas. Those who claim to be Theonomists should not be given special treatment because they are Theonoimists. On the contrary, they must be judged with even greater strictness than other Christians with less knowledge."

--Daniel Ritchie

"Many high-profile theonomists who have not embraced the Federal Vision have appeased it by refusing to denounce it at best, or by giving its proponents a platform to peddle this heresy at worst. (This despite the clear warning in Romans 16:17, 18.) 

"Such accommodation of this works-based-salvation promotes perversions of both the Gospel, which is of grace, as well as the law, which is not intended to save but to give ethical guidance. Such perversions result in the slandering of the Great Savior and Lawgiver, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself."

--Steve C. Halbrook

"Since calvinism is the Gospel as the great Spurgeon once proclaimed; the recycled neo- orthodox and pelagian innovations of the so-called, "Federal Vision" must be condemned alongside Rome and every other synergistic ordo salutis. This church of this generation has been perhaps the most eager generation to let biblical doctrines go, one after another. 

"What will the church of 2080 say of the church of 2011? “They let every doctrine of grace go through innovation, malcontent and compromise. They didn’t contend for the once and for all delivered faith; they let the precious Gospel doctrines depart that formerly shook the world; they weren’t thinking about the church of 2070." Iain Murray lecturing on the John Knox: Outside of Christ there is nothing but wrath, this he preached to those whose consciences were drugged by meritorious Pelagian religion. 

"There is nothing more cruel in the world than a religion who betrays the souls of men. He hated that which destroyed precious blood of souls. We should also hate that which destroys the blood of souls. Here, especially concerning the Gospel; the concept of neutrality is a myth and silence is consent."

--Benjamin R. Ortiz


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