Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sarah Palin Calls "Neanderthals" Those Who Advocate Mothers Staying at Home with Their Children

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MargoPego said...

I didn't think she was actually calling those who advocate for stay-at-homes Neanderthals - it sounded to me like she was calling those who still argue about such things Neanderthals, but maybe it's how I heard it. It's still a very important issue for many people & will not be one that's going away.

I did think it was ridiculous of her to lump it in with such things as looks, though. It's one thing to say that looks is a superficial issue - people shouldn't be judged on their looks, although it's good to have a neat & tidy appearance that's modest & respectful of others, & that a person dress according to what's appropriate for a given situation.

For her to say that the discussion of whether women with small children (or any mother, really, even with older children) should stay home or not is a superficial issue is preposterous. It's a very important one.