Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auburn Avenue Theology: A Biblical Analysis (Brian Schwertley)

"This book deals with the contemporary controversy over the issue of justification by faith alone. It documents the serious errors being advanced under such names as Sheperdism, the Federal Vision, the Auburn Avenue Theology, etc. These errors include that justification is by faith plus works, and a sacramentalism that states that being baptized is what makes a person a Christian.

"It includes an excellent exposition of the Biblical doctrine of justification, a doctrine that is poorly understood in our day, and which is enabling these false teachers to confuse and mislead the sheep on this doctrine which lies at the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also includes a chapter on false teachers, how they subvert the churches, and how to defend against their attacks on the faith."

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The sections of the book are also available free via download:

Part 1:
The Auburn Avenue Theology’s Rejection of Justification by Faith Alone

Part 2: Other Romanizing Doctrines of the New Auburn Theology

Part 3:
A Defense of the Active Obedience of Jesus Christ in the Justification of Sinners

Appendix: Christ’s Warning Concerning False Teachers

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