Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Fourth Annual Great Education Forum

The Fourth Annual Great Education Forum takes place Saturday August 18, 2018, at 11 a.m. at the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy, 222 Harrell Street, Appomattox, VA. The event is free.

From the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy Facebook page:

The annual Great Education Forum is a time when Christian leaders address education. This year the above participants will address the issue of leadership in Christian education:

- What should Pastors say from the pulpit?
- How can I get out of the public school system?
- What is the Father’s Scriptural responsibility?
- Does the civil government have a role in education?
- Who are the leaders in Christian education?

Itinerary for Saturday, August 18th:

11:00 Opening Remarks: Kevin R. Novak

11:08 Master of Ceremonies: Rev. Moore

11:20 Mr. Jay Jusino:
Reexamining Christian teachers in public schools

12:00 Mr. Bill Potter:
Education leadership begins at home

12:40 Mr. Scott Alan Buss:
Salt, light, and children’s education

1:20 Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond:
Out of the Abyss: Pagan Schooling and the Re-Establishment of Biblical Education

2:00 Pastor Travis Witt:
A Pastor’s Perspective on Education

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