Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Richmond Declaration of Faith (as Professed by the Alliance of Reformed and Theonomic Churches)

The Richmond Declaration of Faith is a confession of faith held by the theonomic confederation of churches, ARTC (Alliance of Reformed and Theonomic Churches). It includes foundational doctrines of the faith, and also includes this important statement on the civil magistrate:
20 – Of the Civil MagistrateI believe and profess that God hath instituted and endowed with the sword of punishment magistrates, whose job it is to enforce the moral law of God in accordance with its equity and jurisprudence as held forth by the Word of God. That the law of God ought to be obeyed by the unbelieving magistrate as well as the believing. That the magistrate may not be lawfully disobeyed excepting only in matters wherein he does make demands contrary to the express law of God. That the end of the magistrate is to protect the honor and majesty of God and His covenant.

Read the Richmond Declaration of Faith in its entirety here.


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