Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Alliance of Reformed and Theonomic Churches (ARTC)

"The goal of the ARTC is unity within the nuances of certain aspects of diversity while remaining adherent to the "Five Sola" doctrinal structure of the Reformation. The ARTC does not wish to micro-manage every nuance of every congregation such as the methodology of the sacraments, head coverings, liturgy, exclusive psalmody, and non-instrumentation within the worship. These will be left to the local session. The ARTC encourages all worship to be done soberly, in right order and regulated by Scripture."

Learn more about the ARTC, including a directory of its churches, here.

Churches must reject the Federal Vision and New Perspective on Paul heresies. 

The ARTC Facebook page is here.

A meeting is planned next week for those interested in joining. From the Facebook page:

"Pastors, and administrative leaders from The ARTC will be meeting on January 15th (Martin Luther King Day) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading, PA. The meeting will begin at 10am but will continue throughout the day.

Any pastor or church leader who may be interested in learning more about the ARTC federation can join us at the Crowne, or go to our website http://www.thereformationalliance.org/ to learn more.

For immediate questions please email pastor@hisglory.us."

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