Friday, February 24, 2017

The Mission of God: A Manifesto of Hope for Society (by Joseph Boot)

I have recently purchased and begun reading this book. It is an excellent, scholarly treatment of theonomy, and a great contribution to theonomic literature. 

A review by Hector Falcon: 
This is a great book and a wise investment! I went to a supposedly conservative Reformed seminary to study historical theology. The reality is that I learned more about the topic reading this book than I learned at seminary. The Reformed church has needed a theological metanarrative to contrast itself with the dispensational, two kingdoms pietistic gush and liberal heresies being presented as evangelical Christianity today. This book helps meet that need. 
The material presented here is very extensive but Boot presents it in a clear and easy to understand writing style - despite its scholarly depth. I would highly recommend this book for Christian leaders, church pastors, scholars and Sunday school classes geared toward educating church members on a Reformational biblical worldview. Joe shows the connection biblical ideas have had in the past with regard to both personal and cultural transformation and how the concept of the Kingdom of God was related to energizing past missionary efforts. 
We follow him in the overview of church history and we come to understand how the original world-shaking Reformational concepts changed with time to bring us to the current impotent dilemma of Christian leadership. I plan on buying a quantity of these books and giving them to Christian leaders I encounter. Perhaps they will catch the fire by remembering the past exploits of missionaries in extending the Kingdom of God and what can be done today to spark another great awakening. My only disappointment was that he did not cover the negative impact dispensational theology has had on the Christian faith and cultural redemption. Since it has had such a strong influence on evangelicals I was expecting him to address the issue, but he didn't. Oh well, what he did address was well done, informative and well worth purchasing the book. I also highly recommend his other book titled "Gospel Culture."
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