Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Election Sermon Series (Paul McDade)

"First in a series of Election Sermons prior to the 2012 elections, this sermon lays out the fundamental realities of Civil Government, tracing the rise of tyrrany and evil to apostasy in the Christian Church."

"In Exodus 19 and other cited texts it is clear that God's purpose in polling the choice of the people for civil ruler is that they would either affirm of deny that a certain man would rule over them. Today our mandate is the same. Is the candidate Biblically qualified and do you consent to be ruled by him?"

"Leading up to the election of 2012, this special sermon deals with the biblical requirements for civil ruler while also emphasizing God's purpose in selection and providential appointment despite men's pragmatic ideas. What is our duty in this matter? Scripture teaches us more than one might think."

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