Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Christian Prince: Putting "Civil" Back into Civil Government (by Buddy Hanson)

- Explains America can once again attract others-focused statesmen to serve as our representatives, instead of the self-centered politicians with whom we are so familiar.

- Exposes and contrasts the failing ideas of man with the divinely guaranteed-to-succeed ideas of our Lord, Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

- Shows how Machiavelli’s principles limit personal liberty, while God’s principles expand personal liberty. 

Table of Contents 


What Is “Government?”

Our Legislative Roots: Biblical or Traditional?

  • Party Politics
  • Checklist for Evaluating Candidates
  • Is It Machiavellian or Christian
    • To Create Emergencies?
    • To Buy Votes Through Social Programs, Roads, Schools & Healthcare?
    • To Govern According to Smoke & Mirrors?
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

The Citizen’s Role

Our Calling & Mission

  • It’s Time Somebody Read the Directions!
  • Making a Positive Difference
  • Is It Machiavellian or Christian
    • Introducing a “New Order” of Things
  • Christian Civil Ruler’s Self-Evaluation
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

Living Large (with a Christian worldview)

Ultimate Authority: Why Do We Do What We Do?

  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
  • God as the Source of Authority
  • Man as the Source of Authority
  • Which God Defines the Family?
  • Are Your Daily Decisions Based Upon “What Comes Naturally?” Or Upon “What Comes Supernaturally?”
  • Is it Machiavellian or Christian
    • To Conform Legislative Policies to “The World?”
    • To Legislate According to Public Opinion Polls?
    • To “Flip Flop” on Policy Issues?
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

How Do You View The World?

  • A Christian Nation
  • Who Are We?
  • True Education
  • “Do” Diligence
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

Can Culture Be Changed?

Which Vision is Guiding Your Lifestyle and Legislation

  • Christian, Conservative or Deist � What Does Your Lifestyle Say You Are?
  • The Difference between Conservative and Christian Civil Rulers
  • Ten Questions That Only The Bible Correctly Answers
  • Is God’s Role Limited to the Cozy Confines of Our Churches and Homes?
  • Biblical Legislative Checklist
  • Is It Machiavellian or Christian To Be Pragmatic?
  • Policy Guide
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

Becoming the Change We Seek

Plan Your Work: Work Your Plan

  • Encountering Resistance
  • Is Serving The Lord Is Serving The Lord Your Top Priority?
  • Christian Legislative Building Blocks

Case Studies

  1. The Importance of Keeping Who You Are in Biblical Perspective -- Nebuchadnezzar’s Nefarious Narcissism

    • There’s No “I” in Serve
    • When Civil Rulers View Man as Being Sovereign
    • When Civil Rulers View God as Being Sovereign
    • A Word to Voters
    • God is the Giver of ALL We Have (and can take it away as Quickly as He gave it!)
    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks
  2. Church & State – Distinct Spheres, Related Mission

    • The Proper Role of Civil Government
    • The Proper Role of Judges
    • Socialism Leads to State Oppression
    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks
  3. The Civil Ruler Model of Behavior

    • Educating Our Children
    • Civil Law – Settled or Unsettled?
    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks
  4. Whose Money Is It? We’ve Come a Long Way Since Col. Davy Crockett

    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks
  5. A Christian Perspective on Just War

    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks
  6. Biblical Principles of Civil Government

    • God is in Sovereign Control Over the Nations
    • God will not Give His Glory to Another
    • God Selects Civil Rulers
    • It’s OK to be a Civil Ruler
    • Civil Rulers Must Rule According to His Word
    • Civil Ruler’s Duties Toward Citizens -- Personal Liberty
    • Citizens Duty Toward Civil Rulers – Honor
    • Christian Legislative Building Blocks   

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