Thursday, March 26, 2015

America, Sixth Weakest Economy in the World - Pessimistic or Optimist on Humanism? (Generations Radio)

"Humanist man is still trying prop himself up with this fake optimism. He's ruined his economies, his social order, and his science - but he still thinks the Federal Reserve will save him, or perhaps science will save him. Kevin Swanson points out that America is the 6th worst economy in the world (on the basis of the Debt/GDP ratio). 

"The recovery from the last recession has been anemic at best. . . and we're soon scheduled for the next recession. So are we up for a global economic shock to the system? We also refer to Google CEO, Bill Maris' unabashed faith in science to extend life expectancy to 500 years. Will science save us or kill us? Will this misplaced optimism constitute our ultimate demise?"

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