Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Book by Brian Schwertley: "National Covenanting: Christ's Victory Over the Nations"

Brian Schwertley's latest scholarly endeavor is now available for purchase: "National Covenanting: Christ's Victory Over the Nations." Like his other theonomic works, it looks like an excellent read.

As a Congregationalist and supporter of Oliver Cromwell, I would disagree with some of the major historic Scottish Covenanter positions which the book promotes; also my view of the OPC is more favorable than Brian's, whom I understand critiques the denomination in the book. 

However, I have much appreciated Schwertley's work for cultural transformation over the years -- and based on the description and table of contents, it looks like an excellent contribution to Christ's kingdom, as well as a great defense of theonomy.


"This is the first book-length, scholarly exposition and defense of national covenanting since 1843. This comprehensive treatment includes the binding nature of covenants, covenant renewals under the godly kings of Israel, objections to covenanting answered, the unbiblical nature of the U.S. Constitution, the unscriptural alteration of the Westminster Confession of Faith in 1789, the necessity of the Old Testament moral law for a Christian nation and the biblical requirements for civil office. 

"In the book, Rev. Schwertley not only sets forth the biblical case for social or national covenanting in a simple and organized manner but also critiques the modern pluralistic alternatives to the original Presbyterian teaching on this topic."

Hardback (525 pp.)

Table of Contents
Introduction to Covenanting
The Foundation of All Religious or Christian Social Covenants
A Summary of the Scriptural Arguments for Covenanting
A Study of the Principles Involved in Covenanting
The Mosaic Covenant
Excursus on Common Misunderstandings Regarding Old Testament Law
The Law Covenant Continued—Covenant Blessings and Curses
The Descending Obligation of Covenants
The Davidic Covenant
The New Covenant
Public Covenanting in the Days of Asa
National Covenanting Under Jehoiada the Priest
An Excursus on the National Covenants and Their Implications for Interpreting the United States Constitution
The Result of Covenant Renewal
An Excursus on the Alteration to the Confession of Faith in the Presbyterian Church of America 1788
Reformation and Covenant Renewal under Hezekiah
Reformation under Josiah
Covenant Renewal under Josiah
The Covenant Sealed and Celebrated—The Passover
General Observations and Applications
Objections to National Covenanting
Appendix A: The Biblical Ideal of the Faithful Magistrate
Appendix B: Theocracy and Christocracy
Author Index
Scripture Index

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