Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Recommended Historical Theonomy Sites

Three of my favorite websites are sites that cover historical theonomy: Le Monarchomaque (by Scolaris Legisperitus), Mint, Anise, and the Cumin (by Michael Daniels), and Reformed Covenanter (anonymous author). I consider all the authors good friends, and I find their sites to be excellent sources of information.

I highly recommend these sites to those who want to learn more about theonomy promoted in history. Those who have been mainly exposed to contemporary theonomy writers who want to sharpen their understanding in applying the particulars of theonomy can really find these sites helpful. No age gets it all right, so it's good to become acquainted with the works of the best theonomy writers of all eras.

The authors themselves have to some extent different theological persuasions, and differ somewhat in how theonomy should be applied. As such, one would not expect to agree with the authors in everything, but can still expect to find gems on all the sites. Besides theonomy, the sites also promote other aspects of Reformed theology.

Here are the sites:

Note that Le Monarchomaque is in French, but it can be read via using the page translate option in one's browser. This option is available in Chrome by right-clicking the page.


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