Monday, September 15, 2014

God's Law Made Easy (by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.)

"We live in an age of accelerating moral decline which bodes ill for the future of our culture, society, and nation. A stable, peaceful, and productive society requires a secure and righteous moral foundation. Man cannot exist without a moral code to restrain his sinful passions and to guide him to righteous conduct. 

"Contained within the absolute truth of God's Word we find God's solution to man's moral confusion: God's absolute standard for righteousness contained in his holy Law. Unfortunately, contemporary theological discussions too quickly write-off any consideration of both the legitimacy of God's Law in the new covenant era and the applicability of it in the modern world setting. 

"Because of the nature of the modern debate and our special need for socio-political as well as personal norms, this book will focus specifically on the question of the relevance of the Old Testament Law today. Christians need to return to a whole-Bible ethic rather than a piece-meal it-seems-to-me morality. God's Law Made Easy is a good place to start. 

"This book is an updated, corrected, and greatly expanded edition of the 1993 book titled: God's Law in the Modern World: The Continuing Relevance of Old Testament Law."

Table of Contents 
1. Introduction 
Our Current Predicament 
A Proposed Position 

2. The Essence of God's Law 
The Law's Nature 
The Law's Purpose 

3. Christ and God's Law 
Christ Expressly Affirms the Law 
Christ Emphatically Teaches the Law's Relevance 
Christ Upholds the Law's Civil Function 
Christ Perfectly Keeps the Law 
Christ Saves Us in Terms of the Law 

4. The New Testament and God's Law 
The New Testament Assumes the Law 
The New Testament Confirms the Law 
New Testament Teachers Use the Law 
Christian Conduct Is Based on the Law 
Gospel Preaching Depends on the Law 
Judgment Day Is Based on the Law 

5. Negative Passages and God's Law 
A Survey of Passages 

6. The World-scope of God's Law 
God's Law and Israel 
Mosaic Law and the Nations 

7. Practical Benefits of God's Law 
Scriptural Benefits 
Personal Benefits 
Public Benefits 

8. Historical Confession and God's Law 
Positive Affirmation of God's Law 
Negative Concerns Regarding God's Law 

9. Conclusion 

Appendix: Acts 25:11 and God's Law 

Subject Index 
Select Scripture Index

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