Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"God Is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws" now Available at Lulu

God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws: Biblical Theocracy, Justice, and Slavery Versus Humanistic Theocracy, "Justice," and Slavery by Steve C. Halbrook is now available at Lulu in hardcover and PDF formats.

About the book:
This 600+ page book is a defense of biblical civil law, on topics despised not only by humanists, but by professing Christians. It is, in short, theonomic apologetics. "God is Just" takes our culture and its attacks on the Bible to task. It defends biblical theocracy, justice, and slavery, and cuts humanistic opposition down to size by its own self-destructive foolishness, and, most importantly, by the sword of God’s word.  
The book includes appendices defending theonomy biblically and historically, as well as appendices refuting alternative political philosophies. One appendix is written by Daniel F. N. Ritchie, and there is also a forward by Buddy Hanson. 
The second edition includes a Scripture index and a new appendix by Vindiciae Legis, who gives an excellent historical treatment of the theonomic views of the Westminster divines.

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