Saturday, March 22, 2014

Don't Get Your Theology from the Cast of Duck Dynasty

Todd Friel and John MacArthur discuss the Duck Dynasty's cast's connection with the so-called church of Christ, which teaches that water baptism saves and that one must keep up his salvation by works.

In addition to the comments in this video, the connection of the Duck Dynasty members to the theology of the so-called "church of Christ" seems pretty clear on the website of the church that Phil Robertson is an elder. Its page titled "what we believe" states:
WE BELIEVE the Holy Spirit co-exist with God the Father and God the Son.  The Holy Spirit is a gift given to physically indwell Christians when they are baptized.  He is a deposit from God the Father guaranteeing Jesus’ return.  His role in our life is to help and guide us in sanctification (holiness).[1]

For a refutation of the teaching that says water baptism saves, see: 

Beware of Ted R. Weiland (this refutes the overall hermeneutic) 
Baptismal Regeneration: A False Gospel
Nowhere does the Bible teach that Water Baptism Saves (this I wrote a while ago, so there may be some arguments I would now frame differently, or more precisely; but it still shows well enough the futility of interpreting any Scripture to mean that water baptism saves)


[1] White's Ferry Road Church, "What We Believe." Retrieved March 22, 2014 from 

photo credit:
Willie Robertson in 2013 (cropped from original)
© geopungo / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)


ChristsWorldOrder said...

Good to challenge and bad theology. Do the Robertson's adhere to the same theology as their denomination? Their theology may be more Biblical than their denomination's.

Also, one should challenge MacArthur's theology when he's off as well, such as his recorded statements (on youtube) regarding his belief that if one takes the mark of the beast one can still repent and avoid hell, when the Bible teaches clearly that whosoever takes the mark will burn in hell forever.

What sayeth you about this aspect of MacArthur's theology, which is also shared by Brannon Howse and his sidekick. (on youtube as well)?

Steve C. Halbrook said...

I hope the Robertsons do have better theology than their denomination, but I fear the worst, given Friel's comments about an elder in their church, and the statement from their church's website about water baptism.

While I haven't studied MacArthur's view of the mark of the beast, I definitely don't endorse his dispensational theology.