Monday, February 10, 2014

Watch "Jamie Douglas: A Scottish Martyr" Free Online

"Jamie Douglas: A Scottish Martyr" is an excellent 15 minute film on the sacrificial courage of a young Scottish covenanter. We highly recommend this inspiring film, created by Covenant Lens Films -- a pro-theonomic company that produces quality films for the glory of God.

About the film:

"Delivering bannocks to a persecuted pastor turns into a matter of life and death as Jamie Douglas is captured and interrogated by the king's loyal dragoons.

"Jamie Douglas: A Scottish Martyr, based on a poem by K. A. Peters, is a moving picture monument in honor of over 18,000 men, women, and children who suffered death, imprisonment, and slavery for defending the crown rights of King Jesus during the Killing Times of Scotland (1660-1688). It is our hope that this short film would introduce many to the dear Covenanters by sparking a greater interest in their lives and writings. Our intent is to ultimately honor God by honoring our forefathers in the faith with this 'stone of remembrance.'
To God be the glory!"

Watch the movie in its entirety here (double click video for full screen)

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