Thursday, February 6, 2014

Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government (by Robert Fugate)

An introduction to the subject of civil government, from the perspective of the Biblical worldview. Topics include: What are the jurisdictions of family, church, and state? Can there be a religiously neutral civil government? What is the source of just laws? What are the Biblical qualifications for civil officials? What constitutes a just war? How should Christians resist a tyrannical state? Additional topics include: the idolatry of statism; the relationship between church and state; civil disobedience; eminent domain; etc.

Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government has received endorsements from: Hon. Howard Phillips; Lt. Colonel John Eidsmoe, J.D.; Dr. Ted Baehr, J.D.; Dr. Jay Grimstead; Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D.; Tom Rose; Dan Smithwick; Rev. William O. Einwechter, Th.M.; Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony.

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