Saturday, November 16, 2013

Download: The Sabbath: A Serious Address to Those that Profane the Lord's Day (by Matthew Henry)

"The Sabbath: A Serious Address to Those that Profane the Lord's Day" by Matthew Henry, is available as a free download at Lulu. Below is a description, along with a preview.

Matthew Henry was a Nonconformist Presbyterian minister in England in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. He is most well known for his "Exposition of the Old and New Testament," which is perhaps the most popular Bible commentary used today. . . . The following work only briefly argues for the doctrine of the Christian Sabbath. He assumes that the reader believes and acknowledges the divine authority of the fourth commandment, and that the day is now to be observed on the first day of the week. His address is a pointed, exacting examination of the conscience of those that live in the neglect of the careful observance of the Sabbath day. He convincingly argues that Sabbath-breaking is dishonoring to God, harmful to our own souls, and destructive of the peace and prosperity of the church.

For those who struggle with seeing the Sabbath as a perpetual duty, this also includes two appendices arguing for the Sabbath's abiding validity. 

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