Thursday, November 7, 2013

Download: Reformed Social Antinomianism (by Brian Schwertley)

Brian Schwertley has written a new defense of theonomy, titled Reformed Social Antinomianism: An Examination and Refutation of Reformed and Evangelical Arguments against the Old Testament Moral Case Laws and Their Penalties. This piece thoroughly deals with several arguments raised against theonomy. 

Sections include:

  • The Nature of the Judicial Law
  • Modern Reformed Attempts at Circumventing the Moral Case Laws within the Judicial Code
  • Does the New Testament Abrogate the Civil Penalties?
  • The Jesus and the Apostolic Church Did Not Prosecute Argument
  • The Synthesis of the Sacred and Profane Argument
  • Does the Book of Galatians Refute Theonomy?
  • The Persecution of Unbelievers Argument
  • What about Liberty of Conscience?

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