Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Download: The Victory of Christian Culture (by Daniel F. N. Ritchie)

The Victory of Christian Culture: An Exposition of Isaiah 65:17-25 by Daniel F. N. Ritchie is available as a free download. On this short book, Ritchie writes:
This work was originally an exposition that I had to write for my D.Min course at The North American Reformed Seminary. By publishing it in this format, I hope to bring the contents to a wider audience. The position which it advocates is what is known as “postmillennialism.”
This is not a good term, as it implies that an optimistic view of the future stands or falls on a particular interpretation of Revelation 20. Yet this is not what postmillennialism is really about, it is primarily concerned with defending the idea that Christ’s kingdom will be victorious in history.
While a minority view in the modern Reformed world, it was once the standard Reformed position (as opposed to the pessimism of Lutheranism). Obviously one does not have the space here to answer every objection against, or even make every argument for postmillennialism, nevertheless, this might be a good place for those wishing to look into the issue to begin their studies. Hopefully, it will cause some modern Calvinists to return to the eschatological and cultural transformational views of their Reformed forebears.

The paperback version can be ordered here

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