Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Download: Not to Destroy, but to Fulfill (by Linus K. H. Chua)

Note: We highly recommend the book Not to Destroy, but to Fulfill by Linus K. H. Chua. It is an excellent defense of the abiding validity of God's law -- written concisely and precisely to keep the reader engaged. 

"In Matthew 5:17-48, we see the Lord Jesus speaking clearly about His relationship to the law of the Old Testament and about how His people should understand and respond to that law. 

"Unfortunately, this important passage of Scripture often is either misunderstood or totally ignored by many Christians today. In Not to Destroy, But to Fulfill, Linus Chua presents what he believes is a proper understanding of this crucial passage. He also seeks to draw out some important applications and implications for the modern Christian.

"Linus Chua is a member of Pilgrim Covenant Church in Singapore and is currently pursuing the M.Div. degree with Whitefield Theological Seminary in preparation for the pastoral ministry. He is also the author of Catechism in Conversation, which gives a brief introduction to the Westminster Shorter Catechism in conversational style."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks both to Steve and to Linus!

Matt Trewhella said...

Thanks so much!