Saturday, June 29, 2013

Was the Sabbath part of the Ceremonial Law? (William Twisse)

The Prolocutor of the Westminster Assembly briefly answers this question:
But is not the Sabbath a Ceremony, and so abrogated by Christ?  […] Now the beginning of the Sabbath was in Paradise, before there was any sin, and so before there needed any Saviour, and so before there was any Ceremony or figure of a Saviour.  And if they say, it prefigured the rest that we shall have from our sins in Christ, we grant it, and therefore the day is changed, but no ceremony proved.
William Twisse, Of the morality of the fourth commandment, as still in force to bind Christians.  Delivered by way of answer to the translator of Doctor Prideaux his lecture, concerning the doctrine of the Sabbath(London, 1641), the preface.


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