Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Messiah, Governor of the Nations (Thomas Houston)

Thomas Houston
Thomas Houston reminds us that the kingship of Christ shall be universally acknowledged during the church’s latter-day glory:

3. The Headship of Christ, the Mediator, shall be universally acknowledged.
The central principle of the Divine administration is the supremacy of the Mediator.  He has the right of universal sovereignty in virtue of the Father’s designation, and as the reward of his finished work.  He has been set King upon Zion’s holy hill.  For the suffering of death He has been crowned with dignity and honour; and set at the Father’s right hand, all things throughout the universe are put in subjection under Him.  In virtue of his high exaltation, the ready homage and submission of men in all ranks and conditions are claimed for the Lord’s Anointed.  To Him the appointment is given, “Rule in the midst of thine enemies;” and earth’s potentates, judges, and mighty ones are commanded, at their peril, to “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and they perish from the way, if his wrath is enkindled but for a little.”  The Messiah is “Governor among the nations,” and from associated communities, as being under law to Him, He claims the recognition of his right to rule, and submission to his paramount authority.  Upon his vesture and thigh He has a name written – “King of kings, and Lord of lords;” and on behalf of Christ and his Church, it is declared, “The nation and kingdom that will not serve Thee shall perish; yea, all these nations shall be utterly wasted.”

Thomas Houston, The judgment of the papacy: and the reign of righteousness (1851) in Works doctrinal and practical of the Rev. Thomas HoustonD.D., Knockbracken (4 vols, Edinburgh, 1876), i, 328-9.


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