Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What are Militant Churches? (Geoff Botkin)

The following is a part of a summary written by Jason Matyas of a lecture by Geoff Botkin at the 2013 Family Economics Conference in St. Louis:

A Militant Church is a church that is not playing around with deep spiritual realities of conflict and warfare.  It’s not playing – it’s fighting.  It’s not spiritualizing things, it’s dealing in realities.

The church is supposed to teach Christians how to conquer, not surrender. 
“All too often the church is like a coffin. Instead of being a training ground and an armory for the army of the Lord, it is a repository for the dead. The people within have not the life and power to occupy any other ground, …to conquer in the realm of politics and economics, to “occupy” in Christ’s name even one area of life and thought and to bring it into “captivity” to Jesus Christ (Luke 19:13, II Cor. 10:5). Where Christianity is confined to the church, it is dead, and it is only a corpse claiming that name but having none of the life nor the power thereof (II Tim. 3:5).”   — RJ Rushdoony 
Militant Churches are:
  • Fully subordinate to the Commander and King
  • Advancing Christian doctrine against real enemies of the King
  • Gaining ground by always reforming doctrine and starting new bodies
  • Training and deploying new leaders
  • Actively destroying ideas raised up against the knowledge of God
  • Taking gospel truth into the culture at the risk of personal martyrdom
  • Taking dominion from the enemy in victorious operations


photo credit: Sarah Serven


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