Monday, April 29, 2013

New Theonomy Sermon Series by Joe Morecraft, III

Theonomy is one of the most hated, misrepresented, and caricatured doctrines of the Reformed Faith in our day. For most people the word "theonomy" is synonomous with "legalism", but the reality is that theonomy is the exact opposite! This is a doctrine that all Christians should love, as it directly concerns God’s character, which He reveals through His Law.

In this ten-part series from 1982-1983, Pastor Morecraft examines the subject of theonomy from the Bible, showing exactly what our attitude toward God’s Law should be in our lives today. Common misconceptions about God’s Law are shattered, and the truth set in its proper place throughout this study. This is a must-listen sermon series for every Christian, because our relationship toward God’s Law is a defining factor in our walk with Christ!

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