Monday, April 1, 2013

New DVD set of Bahnsen, Rushdoony, and McDonald Now Available - 9 Never-Before-Seen Lectures

ACTS, or Atlanta Christian Training Seminars, created by Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, was founded in 1978 to train Christian men and women to consistently apply the Word of God in all areas of life and thought. This seminar, held on April 14, 1979, and entitled Christ, Politics and Morality, was the second seminar held by ACTS, and was attended by over 200 people from around the United States. The speakers were Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen, Congressman Larry McDonald, and Dr. R.J. Rushdoony, who covered such subjects as the necessity of applying God’s Law to ethics and morality, the problems of inflation in our modern economy, and the requirement for civil government to use God’s Law if it is to be blessed by God. These recordings were recently found in the Chalcedon Presbyterian Church basement, and cannot be found anywhere else! 9 lectures on 8 DVD's. Total Running Time: 6 hours, 24 minutes.

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1. Can We Live Without Rules? - Bahnsen (39:05)
2. God’s Rules Are Best - Bahnsen (41:54)
3. Smorgasbord Ethics - Bahnsen (47:24)
4. What Is Government’s Job? - McDonald (56:42)
5. The Myth of Politics - Rushdoony (42:40)
6. Christianity and Politics - Rushdoony (38:11)
7. War Against Politics - Rushdoony (39:54)
Two Bonus Lectures (from 1983 ACTS The Future of America seminar); Christian Reconstruction 1 & 2 - Rushdoony (39:54 and 42:07)


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