Thursday, March 21, 2013

Character Assassins: Dealing with Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists (by Peter Hammond and Brian Abshire)

Note: this site highly recommends this book, which is an excellent handbook about biblical conflict resolution and dealing with abusive church leadership.

Overview from co-author Brian Abshire:

"Along with the rise of Islamic Jihad in the world, we are witnessing an increase in ecclesiastical terrorism. There are those Christians who see it as their calling to sabotage the support bases of others, to launch sneak attacks, ecclesiastical Pearl Harbours, to destroy missionary towers, assassinate characters, hijack ministries and blow up bridges of relationships. These ecclesiastical terrorists seek to intimidate and to sow seeds of fear and doubt.

"There are those who have a ministry of criticism and a gift of discouragement. All too many dedicated Christian workers have fallen victim to ecclesiastical bullies and those with a ministry of backstabbing. Pride, jealousy and covetousness, dysfunctional churches and dysfunctional members collectively present a serious threat to the fulfilment of the Great Commission in our generation.

"There is a desperate need to expose the increasing threat of pathological antagonists and abusive churches. In order to encourage and empower those involved in missions and ministry who are being targeted and undermined, this book attempts to both expose the problem and to provide practical and Biblical solutions. For this purpose the light of Scripture and experience is shone on the dark dealings of those relentless critics who prefer to shoot from the shadows."


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blackgumbo said...

Funny you mentioned this book as we just got it, and I almost shared it on Facebook today. We have experienced being the recipients of such character assault and bridge-blowing, all from an ecclesiastical leader and his few yes-men. This book covers very familiar ground, thanks for posting it.