Wednesday, January 30, 2013

R. Scott Clark's Gentle Rebuke of John Piper for Having Federal Visionist Doug Wilson as a Conference Speaker (Updated)

From an updated post on R. Scott Clark's Heidelblog:

UPDATE: added to the two Heidelcast episodes audio clips from the video linked below.
These episodes grew out of the decision Desiring God Ministries to invite the de facto leader of the self-described Federal Vision movement to speak at the 2009 DGM conference. Part of the justification for the decision was the claim that the FV doctrine is the natural result of being presbyterian (and baptizing infants). Since, by that time, most all of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council had repudiated the FV doctrine (including the heart of the error, “in Christ by baptism, stay in by works”) root and branch some sort of response seemed necessary.


Arctic Pilgrim said...

So is that the gist of FV?

Baptismal regeneration and "perseverance of the saints" via self-effort and works?


Sounds Popish to me.


Steve C. Halbrook said...

Yep - the FV makes water baptism and subsequent works necessary for salvation. In a word - damnable heresy.